Maxus is one of several well known brands under the parent company SAIC, based in China.

After acquiring LDV in 2010, SAIC manufactured these LCVs under the MAXUS moniker for the home market in China and select left-hand drive markets in Europe such as Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands.

Then in April 2020, LDV rebranded as MAXUS across right-hand drive Europe, consolidating the brand’s presence across Europe, China and beyond. The Maxus brand continues to represent outstanding performance, high efficiency and superb reliability across its range of vehicles.


Trust is the foundation on which MAXUS’s success has been built. Trust is built on consistency and our customers trust us to deliver on quality, safety, specification and price, every time.


With a new name, comes new innovations. Since Maxus’s rebrand from LDV, we have adopted a forward thinking mentality and are commitment to finding and creating cleaner, greener and more sustainable transport solutions for the LCV industry.

This was by no means an empty promise and Maxus is already responsible for introducing 2 fully electric vans, the e DELIVER 3 and e DELIVER 9, both of which are widely used across the UK and right hand drive Europe.


Maxus is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of expertise and customer service. We have invested in building a dealer network of like minded businesses to ensure we fulfill our promise and have dealers all over the UK. So whether you are looking to buy one van or an entire fleet you will be able to find a dealer near you with a strong focus on complete customer satisfaction.